Re:Local challenges/Changing the Magic of a Land

From: chrisgraham <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 09:12:59 +0100

Thanks Carl and Greg I couple of interesting points there.

I freely admit my ignorance of the Fronela conspiracy. The conspiracy sounds a fantastic yet
drastic method of cutting off communication. Excellent possibilities for Lunar intelligence to shut down commuincation before invasions of nations? Wonder how easy it would be to right the wrong and re-establish communication.

> Sounds like what the conspirators did to Fronela, doesn't it? They
> performed a ritual that involved the presence of the God of the Silver Feet
> (Issaries) and killed him, thus cutting the land off from all communication.
> It probably wasn't the Orlanthi ritual they used though.

Yes, I expect I partly (well the stakes part of it) received inspiration from the Daughters of Darkness rituals. However, it seems almost a tradition for heros to yell out open challenges where if they have sufficient power are met with some supernatural response. The stakes would just be to control the area of effect, think small and realistic rather than taking on the whole of the marsh, dead place etc.

> Yes, I think so. In fact, the reverse of this is performed by the Daughters
> of Darkness rituals where they place new markers and cause the marsh to
> flow outward.
> I am not sure that you could actually change the magical alignment of the
> land. That is, the actual material of the world is made mostly of "mixed
> stuff." See Thus you would
> not be able to clear the land and then make it sorcerous.

Well Delecti was able to change good farmland to marsh, although this is the result of many heroquests. Surely any effect can be reversible? And indeed destruction of the blackwood trees does return the marshland back to the previous level. Considering you're not destroying the Blackwood trees here I would imagine the land would be ever so soggy/poor marshy land, ever with a residual trace of it's previous existence, yet, hell of a better than it was. Think the seashore with the water out, the sand is wet but stable. You've just got six hours before it returns and washes your sandvcastles away. Hey, that would be interesting, you've reclaimed the land but know that in the future "something wicked this way comes". Perhaps with strange events occuring/portents just before the event, e.g. stange ghostly noises at night, the crops wilt, horrible slivery things slide by. Reinforcement of the challenge would strengthen the resistence?

> I think so. Thus you might discover, after clearing that patch of marsh (or
> Praxian Waste, or Snakepipe Hollow) that the land was actually a powerful
> Animist site, but that it was suppressed by some ancient cleansing,
> imprisoning or other suppression.

Gosh, never thought that you might discover some suppressed underlying effect. Go back far enough and you get to the original godstime land? Need very strong magic or rituals to get back so far. Perhaps the land would have a normal appearance but act as a gate to the spirit world/hero plane/fairy grove etc. The odd strange occurance see above to give you clues this was a marked site?


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