Affecting the Marsh

From: Meints, Richard (R.J.) <"Meints,>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 04:56:35 -0400

Having a bit of an interest in Delecti and his Marsh, my 2 cents on how control of the land works.

I don't really believe that you can really transform a portion of the Marsh back to "normal" land without destroying a Blackthorn tree. The Blackthorn tree is what sprouts out of the "rods of power" that the dancers of darkness thrust into the ground as part of the re-enactment of the deeds of Korang the Slayer. This unhealing wound is what makes the waters flow, hard earth break, etc. Remove the weapon (destroy the tree) and heal the wound and you can restore the land to its former condition. As far as King of Sartar states, Korang was only defeated once, to his doom, and so there aren't necessarily a whole lot of ways to defeat him, but that doesn't mean we can't add in additional ways to do so, but you won't find them in KoS. Delecti leaves an "undead" taint on his land, but I don't believe that it is in any "chaotic". Delecti is a sorceror, but I'm not sure if he has added a sorcerous taint to his Marsh. He does it more through heroquesting and very complicated rituals. He doesn't operate like Zzabur and his ilk.

Like any country or kingdom, the larger your borders the harder they become to totally defend. Delecti's Marsh is no exception. He can only focus on a few things at a time and the occasional Blackthorn tree does get destroyed, especially by the semi-annual rituals of the Indrodari Humakti. As a result, Delecti's successful growth of his realm has probably been on the sides of the Marsh that aren't near the Greydog and] adjacent lands.

The "something wicked" that would come would be the undead defenders and Delecti's nasty creeping flora. That would be his bog standard defence. :-)


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