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From: chrisgraham <chrisgraham_at_netscapeonline.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 09:12:59 +0100

>Well Delecti was able to change good farmland to marsh,
changing lowland to marsh in not similar to changing the magical nature of a land.

>although this is the result of many heroquests.

>Surely any effect can be reversible?

>> I think so. Thus you might discover, after clearing that patch of marsh (or
>> Praxian Waste, or Snakepipe Hollow) that the land was actually a powerful
>> Animist site, but that it was suppressed by some ancient cleansing,
>> imprisoning or other suppression.
>Perhaps the land would have a normal
>appearance but act as a gate to the spirit world/hero plane/fairy grove
Sacred places are just that. In general, anyplace in the normal world (which is made of "mixed matter") where a significant type of magic prevails is sacred. These are often the places where a specific story occurred, sort of "freezing in" its primal or original content. "In those hills is where Mrs. Rabbit dug her warren, so it is now a spirit place." Or perhaps, "That is where Vingkot stuck his spear butt into the ground," and so it is divinely blessed.

>The odd strange occurance see above to give you clues this was a marked site?
If you did not know that the appearance was particularly associated with one world or another then it would look ordinary, but certainly strange effects would occur. Extraordinary beings live there. It might be strong enough to exert an alien modifier!

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