Re: Shargash

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:38:47 +0100 (BST)

Peter Metcalfe [on How is Annihilate distinct from Destruction]:

> I don't blame you for not hearing the difference as I am not
> sure myself.

Fairy 'nuff.

> >The Heortlings see Shargash as the Great God of a power which
> >includes the utter elimination from the cosmos of souls, and do
> >not see this as chaotic, is that your position? (Or that they don't
> >see him as destroying souls, but still distinguish him from "death"?)
> I don't see anything in Shargash (even in the viewpoints of his
> enemies) involving the destruction of souls.

This one was news to me too; I'm just going by our Lunar Experve's gently lobbed hand-grenade that this was a difference between Humakt's "mere death" (as separation) and Shargash's "destruction".

> Exactly what the Heortlings make
> of Shargash is an interesting question. Since they do recognize
> other non-chaotic destroying entities (Zorak Zoran, Oakfed), I
> don't see it necessary for them to view Shargash as chaotic.

They'd simply see ZZ as death (of an undisciplined and revoltingly dishonourable, etc), and Oakfed as primarily Disorderly, I'd have thought. I wouldn't see either of them being associated with capital-D Destruction, as a different cosmic principle. (But I'm fresh out of yarrow sticks, so I might have enumerated my Fundamental Cosmic Principles incorrectly.)

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