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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 12:52:33 +1200

Joerg Baumgartner:

>I agree - if anything, Turos is more of the Great God than DHan Lodril
>because he epitomizes an entire culture and not just one social (or
>celestial) strata.

Turos cannot be "more of" the Great God than Lodril. Either he is the Great God of his element or he isn't. Secondly Turos does not epitomize a whole culture any more than non-great Odayla does for the Sylilans.

>I guess Lodril gets the honours [as Great God] because of the
>God Learners' familiarity with Ladaral of Sog City fame and a
>stunning similarity of names. They cannot have had much exposure
>to DHan Lodril, really...

Where do the God Learners consider Lodril a Great God? Lodril is named as a Great God on the basis of Glorantha: Intro p98, not because of any God Learner scheme.

> > (We could also reopen the
> > original bunfight as to whether Lodril is a "Greater God" in the
> > RQ3 sense, aka whether this is a core rune/high power of Glorantha...)

>Since we cannot agree upon the number or membership of those high
>powers, mostly a moot point. The Entekosiad names Rashorana, Turos and
>Uleria in the same breath, indicating that there are seven, later nine
>High Powers (Daxdarius and Natha joining). Dara Happa knows ten Glorantay.

Arguing about the membership of the Celestial Court (or equivalent) is not the same thing as arguing about the name and number of the Great Gods. The Pelandan High Gods are not equivalent of the Celestial Court overseeing Creation but the equivalent of the Storm Tribe as gods being for people to worship. The ten Glorantay are equivalent to the Celestial Court hence irrelevant to the issue of Great Gods.

>The Theyalan Celestial Court entities have been classified by
>the God Learners as 8 powers, 5 elements, various forms etc, plus
>numerous old powers like Grower and Maker (see KoS).

The division was there _before_ the God Learners. In the Orlanthi Creation Myth (KoS p54), the first gods were of three types: the Council of Pairs, the Elemental Deities and the Elder Gods. All these make up the Celestial Court.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #542

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