Re: Great Gods

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 12:36:35 +0200


Peters :

> >So one assumes there is a more basic Death that Humakt himself
> >depends from.
> Humakt is the most primal theistic form of death. If
> there is anything higher, then it is not capable of
> theistic manifestation.

I personally disagree with both of these positions, but in a nitpicky way.

First, I don't think that there is any more basic Death that Humakt might "depend from". He would "partake of" such an hypothetic entity rather, if it existed. Remember : Humakt IS Death. Despite the opinion of various animists and sorcerors. If you like, "Humakt" is the name (and magic package) that (some) theists give to Death.

Second, I don't believe that some sort of "supra-cosmic" higher Death entity wouldn't be capable of manifesting as a god. Which sort of ties in with my first nitpick.


I could run with this a little further, but that would be HPG-fodder, so ... - -..

Julian Lord

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