Re Gagarth

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 14:41:37 -0000

Alex :

>Gagarth, apparently an Urox clone, game-mechanically. (*gag!*) The
>dragons... (Any "animist" culture which puts more emphasis on
>great spirit totemism than "ordinary" shamanic (or hsunchen)
>I'm suspicious of, however.)

I was under the impression that gagarth is a bandit god, the antithesis of the socialy responsibile Orlanth. I think the anti-Urox is called something like Urain - the god of destruction purely for it's own sake (and hence a good Shargash analog, at least in Heortling eyes?).

While not actualy chaotic, these gods extend the powers of their friendly lookalikes to extremes unrestricted by moral limits. They exist purely for their own sake, rather than as part of a balanced cosmic cycle.

If there were a Humakt analog, Onslaught would worship it.

Simon Hibbs

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