Silly Slavers

From: robert darvall <>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 10:12:26 +1000

Alex Ferguson  

> This is putting the mythic determinist cart before the horse in a big
> way, methinks... (I'm sure many a shady defendant has tried to "pull"
> this one, though. If the place isn't swarming with broo, claim this
> as evidence of no "chaotic" conduct. If it is, launch a counter-
> accussation that someone else has caused this (kinstrife or what have
> you...)).

Except that, as Andrew Bean has noted:
>they are repeating Ragnaglar's rape of Thed and I am sure G. F. Stafford
>himself said that will turn you into a broo sooner rather than later.

Chaotic taint of that nature is going to show. In the case of your Uroxi I should imagine that if he had raped to the extent he claimed he'd be part of the Urain.
As a side issue, if rape taints you with chaos can an Uroxi rape? Or does he do a Clockwork Orange & come down with a splitting headache at the thought?

> The phrase "clan of slavers" is rather silly,

The impression you gave was that your character was routinely enslaving women from other clans. Given that the crimes of the individual (& if I'm part of a clan which doesn't use thralls I may well view it as a crime especially if it was my family you raided) are visited apon the larger group "clan of slavers" does not seem an inappropriate response. It certainly can act as a justification for any measures your enemies wish to take. Given that much of your question revolved around what others would think I should think becoming known as the clan that routinely takes slaves might possibly enter the equation. As you noted it is not popular in either sense.

>and seems to be predicated
> on the assumption that thralldom isn't a recognised institution, which
> it quite evidently is.

Recognised as acceptable in what situation? The only record I've seen of the enslavement of captives was that of Bad King Ugrain. Hardly a role model.

>Or did you think "Do you take thralls?" on
> the clan generation was some sort of trick question?
> (IIRC KoDP also features an option of enthralling rather than ransoming
> prisoners from raids and battles.)

I've yet to meet this option (no surprise there though). All of KoDP options for enthralling folk thus far have been supplicants (this certainly seems to be the case with the Nalda Bin) coming to the clan; not war captives.

> Sounds entirely wrong to me; you're suggesting thralldom is some sort
> of Heortling poorhouse?

Yes, when the possibilities are exhausted being a thrall beats starving & your kids will be free not dead.

>That sounds _deeply_ Ungenerous and un-Orlanthi.

As KoDP advisors so often note these people are not kin so we owe them nothing, generosity is a sign of greatness but not at the expense of your own.
What are the results of enslaving captives in KoDP? I'm betting on long term unpleasant consequences.


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