Imperial Age Empires

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 20:44:31 +1200

Terra Incognita:

>Pavis (Prax-Wasteland): Experiments returning to Green Age (Administrator:
>Flintnail Hardeye Mostali)

I would have said Pavis was the administrator. Flintnail was a drifter who didn't stay very long (in dwarf terms).


>Delecti, Jerem, Li Phanquann, Obduran Skyflyer, Ingolf Dragonfriend,
>Aringor Lightbringer, Pavis, Iskandrang, Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros,
>Forang Farosh

You've left out Godunya, Cragspider, Vistikos Lefteye, Usdaros the Impatient, Perenal the Protector (these two were in KoS p180) and Labrygon (the demigod builder of the Puzzle Canal).

Middle Sea Empire:

>Paruzal the Impaler, Sir Ethilrist, Gilam de Estau aka ShangHsa
>Valastos Seven Pens, Argalis High Sorceror, Ruler of World Knowledge

If you are including Gilam then Zzabur should also be counted (until he cast the Closing). Halwal and perhaps Yomili should also be included as their magical struggle tore apart the Seshnegi Empire in its last years. Similarly Talar Malaskan Philippe was around although he appears to have taken power in Arolanit after the God Learners fell.

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