Kralori and Dragonewts

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 21:33:21 +1200

Terra Incognita:

> > >(I don't know the connection between similarity of Dragonewt
> > >Philosophy and Eastern Mythology of Glorantha,

> > They sprang from the same source.

>I cannot agree about it, Dragonewts are far more incomprehensible than
>eastern philosophy.

That's true but it doesn't change anything. Both the Kralori and the Dragonewts believe that Dragons made the world and that to become a dragon is the ultimate spiritual goal. Where they differ is the starting point.

Dragonewts are limited dragons. They have all the required psychic organs to become a dragon but these organs are immature. Becoming a dragon require the exercise and maturation of these organs. Once the organs are all developed, the Dragonewt is a proper dragon.

Humans are portions of the Cosmic Dragon's Heart. They have only one of the required psychic organs to become a dragon (the dragon's heart) but it is well-developed. Because of the centrality of the heart to draconic being, humans are able to acquire the other psychic organs necessary. I think the Kralori do this by using their heart to project draconic energy outside themselves to create the necessary organs. Rather than summoning a immature organ and grow it (as the dragonewts do), the Kralori learn how to manifest a fully developed organ. Once the organs are permanently manifested, the Kralori draconist is a dragon. Other methods of how humans become dragons are possible.

So although humans and dragonewts have the same goal, they have different starting points and the means is different.

Dragonewt philosophy is incomprehensible to ordinary humans because the dragonewts are thinking with their draconic mind-organ that normal humans do not have. Kralori Dragons will look at the Dragonewt philosophy and smile for they know it to be nothing more than the fumbling steps of a child learning how to walk.

Likewise Kralori Draconic Philosophy is meaningless to the dragonewts for it show them how to become dragons by means that are impossible for the dragonewts - they simply don't have the heart for it - and also redundant - the aim is to create organs that they already have. Dragonewt Dragons look at the Kralori and snigger at the hearts trying to understand what it means to have hands or a brain.

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