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Peter Metcalfe says:
me>>Missing Lands says "Elamle-ata vanished forever."
>Yes, I know that. I'm just disputing that it has to mean
>that Elamle gives no magic at all. Looking at the cult of Dormal, I find
>see that Dormal has never been seen again since he left the Ygg's Isles.
>Yet he still gives magic.
>Likewise for HonEel who vanished at the Nights of Horrors. She is still a
>worshipped lunar goddess. So why the need to assume that Elamle gives no

Maybe the comparison with Dormal is ok. (HonEel i don't know but no one ever sees or can go to where Dormal is afaik). So yes, Elamle-ata could give magic too. Although her devotees could play her role during festivals, that's not like seeing Orlanth in his hall when you fly to Storm Home.

So she would probably be a devotee-only cult, with drastic taboos (Chalana Arroy-type geasa make sense here.). Councils usually listen to their advice, and people receive idols from them, but they'd be outside the community because of Elamle-ata's nature, making a living as gardeners, fisherfolk, healers, etc.) Your affinities tell much as to what things they'd do besides.

Though the Calm Sea-storm feat makes sense for Elamleata  it's not catamaran magic. Jomor and Dengenti probably provide a "Laugh at Sea-storm" Sendereven feat. But fishermen in weaker boats might use this feat in the form of idols provided by the local devotee.


>>Surely the Elamli don't worship her though, because she's so big.
>I'm not sure why this should be so as I can think of bigger deities
>for the humans to worship. More importantly humans are known to
>worship Aldrya and this has been reflected in the Runequest cult
>writeups. Hence I don't see anything prohibiting the Elamli from
>worshipping Aldrya.

I should have say "don't casually worship her". Like other high gods, she must not be worshipped outside the high ceremonies.

There's no french Thunder Rebels yet. Multisim planned to compile it with Storm Tribe and make one single book. I don't know if they kept to that audacious plan.

Elamle Aroin

That's not really incompatible with a myth of the first people. It could be the way they interpreted what the Malkioni refugees tried to preach to them.

>The rulers despise their drunken good-for-nothing farmer-sons and their
>harsh puritanical priest-fathers while being friends to the soldiers
>because they have a common enemy.

Of course that's all in their imagination and dress, since most are farmers or fishermen anyway. Great.


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