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<fontfamily><param>arial</param><smaller>Does that mean that Mystics and mysticism got put on hold until complete Eastern (Kralori) supplements will be published?


Maybe. Here is the real reason: the entire HW book is to describe "How the Game World Works." Then we present 1 out of 4 magic systems that basically says, "We don't obey the rules." I find that to be too incongruous to be comfortable. So I have decided that we will present the rules without a mystical system. The rule book ought to indicate the mainstream, core rules upon which Gloranthan reality exists.

Exceptions are, as always, the stories of the world: your games.


<excerpt><fontfamily><param>arial</param><smaller>If there isn't going to be a Mystic chapter, how will you describe the Theist cult secrets that for now are defined as "works like mystic strike(s)"? Without a Mystic chapter, they'd have to be called something else.


Of course. This definition has stuck in my craw like a bone ever since it was published. A good set of rules should not use one system to describe another, and of course the proper definition will replace this even if mystics did appear.

Many such clarifications are in this edition.

It is really a finished book this time, not a deadline version published "as is" in order to meet obligations, as the first edition was.

It'll be done right. The schedule is our target date but if we have to delay it to make a first rate product, then we will delay it.

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