Mysticism in HW 2

Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 16:47:16 EDT

Hello Friends
>>> Does that mean that Mystics and
>>> mysticism got put on hold until complete Eastern (Kralori) supplements
>>> will be published?

>> Maybe. Here is the real reason: the entire HW book is to describe "How
>> the Game World Works." Then we present 1 out of 4 magic systems that
>> basically says, "We don't obey the rules." I find that to be too
>> incongruous to be comfortable. So I have decided that we will present the >> rules without a mystical system.   

> I can understand the rationale behind this, but will there be some text
> presenting a few of the basics of mysticism, even if the/a corresponding
> magic system isn't described ?
> Just so that the readers can understand that mysticism exists,
> and something of its (relative) importance in Glorantha ?

Another question arises:
How will the Lunar Mystics of the Lunar Empire in the "Imperial Lunar Handbook" be handled without any published Mystic rules in the rulebook.

The lunar Mystics are IMHO very important for understanding the Lunars (Tareltara, Rashorana, and of course Illumination).



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