Re: Mystics in HW2

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 08:40:21 +0200

> I can understand the rationale behind this, but will there be some text
> presenting a few of the basics of mysticism, even if the/a corresponding
> magic system isn't described ?

I think the ideas of mysticism are described in Glorantha Intro. As for game rules, for most campaigns I think it is sufficient to say that mystics have an ability which they can use to defend against any magic (and most mundane) effect. I the mytsic is powerful enough, she can suppress magic and aggression in a whole area. Then add that martial artist mystics have good combat abilities.

Unless you have mystic player heroes that might be enough (in case that no text about mystics makes it in HW2).

Nils Weinander
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