Great Gods

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 11:29:14 +1300

Julian Lord

>I think that there's a confusion of issues here. Whether or not specific
>gods have or not actual links or identification with specific FoHDs is
>separate from the Great God-ification of the FoHDs themselves.

No, it is not. Alex thinks that it's best to consider the Great Gods are "cultural conceptions" of the Forces of High Divinity (while presumably other gods are "cultural conceptions" of Forces of Divinities). I see no reason for having to make an explicit distinction between Great Gods and FoHDs, thus the possibility that a God might replace a Great God does not arise.

>That Yelmalio, Elmal, and Heler are not worshipped as GGs in HW era
>Glorantha is irrelevant anyway. Yelmalio is a son and servant of the GG
>Yelm anyway, and hardly a candidate for GG-hood because of this (unless
>Yelm were to be destroyed - - not merely killed - during the Hero Wars).

The question was whether Yelm's absence _in_ Sun County could allow the people of Sun County to elevate Yelmalio into a Great God. That is similar to what Alex suggested was the case for Odayla in Sylila.

>Elmal, like Odayla, isn't the focus of worship for a great people.

Sylila, the last time I looked, has a population of 400,000. Sartar, the last bastion of pure Heortling worship is only 180,000 strong (although one can count in Broyan's folks in Heortland and some of the Tarshites). So what does it take for a people to be great?

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #569

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