Great Gods

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 23:13:30 +0200

Peter :

> >JB> >Fact is that the greatness of gods has changed before, and will
> > > >again.
> > > But not through the actions of ordinary mortals or communities -
> > > Arachne Solara usually gets the blame for changing gods. I am
> > > extremely dubious that an army of heroquesters could change the
> > > gods and note that all previous attempts to do so have been
> > > failures.
> >I disagree very strongly with this. The name of the game is Hero Wars,
> >and it's about ordinary mortals becoming Heroes and changing the cosmos
> >through their actions. In fact, last time we were discussing divine
> >mutability, Greg denied that the gods can change on their own, and
> >hinted quite strongly that the action of mortal Heroes is the
> >_only_ thing that can change them.
> And this is relevant to the changing of _Great_ Gods, how?

Erm ... completely ?

Oh, this must be one of those "opposite approach" things again. Forget it.

> >There are also many HW plots
> >and projects that are geared to accomplish similar designs.
> >The Lunar Empire's struggle against Orlanth for another example.
> Which has already been discussed and dealt with on this far
> too long thread many weeks ago.

Ah. Probably while I was on holiday.

Quite difficult to keep track of the full picture, isn't it ?

> > > No, I don't think subcults can be morphed into aspects. One can
> > > worship a god as a subcult (like Redayla for Elmal or Rigsdal
> > > for a number of gods). But one can't turn Vanorlanth (or other
> > > subcult manifestations of Orlanth) into an aspect of him.
> >Why not ? I'm not saying that it would be an easy task ; Ernalda
> >was once a mere handmaiden in the house of Yelm, but now she has a
> >Queen Aspect.
> This was well before the Cosmic Compromise that fixed the Gods
> within the Cosmos, and upon which basis I am grounding my
> statements about the immutability of the Great Gods - before
> that time, my arguments do not apply.

Oh OK, then yes, this IS another instance of 180 opposite approach.

Best to let the thread die, die, die then ...

Business as usual ... :-/


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