Helerings in Umathela

From: Jerome Blondel <bwbfc_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 17:46:16 +0000

I'd have a few question for David Dunham:

>It's unlikely that any of the Umathelans are truly Helerings, since there
>were no humans there during the Dawn Age. (There were some form of
>Helerings there in mythic times.)

Do you mean there were humans in mythic Umathela, who disappeared or left later? Are they the origin for the gods' names currently used by the natives? (religion 'rediscovered' after the Worlath scam?)

>Or do you mean that colonists of Helering descent were the ones who thrived
>the best there? That's a very plausible idea.

I can't help make the association Tyloque / Tlaloc... and Vadeli Conquistadores / Quetzalcoatl, too, or maybe Quetzalkolat... Any meso-american trend? (probably not the same architecture, but the Wood Judgements could have had the criminals killed at the top of the Lightbringers temple) Could the barbarians have some kind of prophecy related to their gods coming back from the north?..

As regards Tyloque in HW terms, do you think he is actually Orlanth (and thus a great god), or a different deity, or just an aspect of Orlanth?

The "Kero Fin equivalent": Kolatsfange?

Thanks in advance


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