Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #581

From: Oliver Bernuetz <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 15:26:36 -0500

Peter Metcalfe in response to me responding to Terra Incognita :

>Oliver Bernuetz:
> >TI>And I guess it is one of Greg Stafford Secret? Elf Sea is Origin of
> > >Pentan Riders: I think the article of "Ancestors of the Lenshi Kings
> > >(1998): Hurfor and the Starlight Tribe" hinted this origin. As if they
> > >were RW Scythians who lived near of Caspian Sea. Maybe Berenethtelli,
> > >Pelandan Lenshi, Jenarong Dynasty and Hyaloring in GROY are all
> > >descendants from that Area.
> >Hmm, interesting. I'm not familiar with that article but I don't think
> >Pentans originate from the Elf Sea area.
>They don't. What the myth speaks of is that Hurfor led the Ancestors
>tribe northwards from the war zone with the forest people (Aldryami)
>where they came into contact with the Kalrius people. The two tribes
>fought it out and their battles created the Elf Sea (one tribe summoned
>a huge block of ice and the other melted it). Thereafter the Starlight
>Ancestors tribe is created from the two tribes joining together and this
>tribe of horse people (in the GRAY) are the ancestors of the Lenshi,
>Jenarong and related tribes.
>Now since the origin of the Ancestors tribe is south of the Elf Sea,
>they are almost certainly Votanki or related to them (a difference
>is they don't have dogs but they do have goats). Hence the Kalrius
>people are the origin of the horses of the Starlight Ancestors. The
>Kalrius are stated as having moved into that region so their origin
>is elsewhere - most probably Pent.

Cool! I take it this article is from GRAY? I'll have to get myself a copy one of these days. Did this event occur before the Dawn?



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