Early Peloria

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 13:03:07 +1300

Stephen Tempest:

>Me>I don't believe the Hyalorings of Saird are descended from the
> >Starlight Ancestors for the simple reason that the Jenarong derided
> >them as the Liars tribe (and they aren't also listed among the horse
> >tribes).

>My understanding was more the other way round: the pre-Great Darkness
>inhabitants of Saird were the first to domesticate horses,

Even confining the argument to Peloria (i.e. ignoring the Malkioni and the Kralori), the only source that indicates the Sairdites domesticated horses before the Ice Age is the Plentonic account in the GRAY. Now the Pentans (Glorantha: Intro p173) say Hyalor gave them horses to protect themselves from the Monsters/Uz that crawled out of the Hellcrack (in Pent). Which is more plausible: that all the warlike tribes of Pent came from one tiny city (and forgot about it)? Or that a tribe of Pentans served one of the Emperors against the Bird People (Entekosiad p60) and found themselves in Saird as a reward (my speculation)?

>but disappeared eastwards when the ice age came (and the rest of
>Dara Happa hid under the Dome).

They can't move eastwards because of combined Jord and Imther Mountains that block their way (the Pass of Tork was created by chaos afterwards, Entekosiad p84). South past the Imther mountains is the forest which the Ancestors were fleeing and north of the Hungry Plateau is hostile bird-people of Rinliddi.

>I'd therefore assumed that the Starlight Ancestors - or, from
>your account, just the Kalrius half of the tribe - - were
>_their_ descendents.

I think it much easier for the Kalrius to have migrated from Pent to the land around the Elf Sea than for them to have migrated from Saird.

>After all, [the Hyalorings] seem from GRoY to have been fairly
>close cultural relatives of Jenarong's people, sharing many
>common traditions and even, it seems, merging with them after
>the Dawn (as Theyalan expansion drove the Solar horse people
>northwards out of Saird: cattle presumably do better in that
>terrain than horses...).

While the cause of the post-dawn northward Hyaloring migration is unknown, it's far too early to be the result of Theyalan expansion. But more importantly the Hyalorings only merged with the Jenarong after they were almost destroyed by Emperor Huradabba and had nothing left.

>Is there an proper Gloranthan collective name for "the horse nomads
>who ruled Peloria before and after the Dawn"? Kargzanti?

Kargzanti is apt although the Theyalans called them Ustrandlings (KoS p91).

>Is the current understanding still that Pent was empty until the Horse
>Nomads were driven there after Argentium Thri'ille, and the HNs are
>the ancestors of the modern Pentans, or have new historical theories
>been "discovered"? (Like, the Pentans were there all along, really)

The Pentans were there all along and was inhabited by Horse Nomads well before Argentium Thri'ile or even the Ice Age. The original picture presented in trollpak that the Second Council conquered all of Peloria, kicking the horse nomads out to Pent, is an Orlanthi exaggeration.

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