Re: Early Peloria

From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 23:38:13 GMT

Peter Metcalfe:

>Even confining the argument to Peloria (i.e. ignoring the Malkioni
>and the Kralori), the only source that indicates the Sairdites
>domesticated horses before the Ice Age is the Plentonic account
>in the GRAY.

>Or that a tribe of Pentans served one of the
>Emperors against the Bird People (Entekosiad p60) and found themselves
>in Saird as a reward (my speculation)?

I do like this idea, although I don't think the Entekosiad actually specifies where the horsemen came from...

>While the cause of the post-dawn northward Hyaloring migration
>is unknown, it's far too early to be the result of Theyalan

Well, the mythical defeat of Kargzant by Orlanth was dated by Plentonius to the last quarter of the First Century ST. I'd say earlier Hyaloring migration may have been by fortune-seeking adventurers (Vuranostum and similar), while after that it was also refugees from Orlanthi expansion.

There's also the fact that Plentonius claims that it was only after this defeat of Kargzant that "there was a discernable difference between night and day", which suggests to me he may have got his dates mixed up, and he's describing events that took place at the Dawn and not 75 years after it.

Thanks for the other information.

Incidentally, were the Dara Happan Emperors Kestinendos and Viramakradda really Bird People from Rinliddi, as their names and titles imply? Considering that Jenarong was meant to have driven the Bird People into extinction 300+ years earlier, it seems surprising to find them apparently ruling Peloria during the Second Century Solara Tempora... My own assumption is that they were also Horse Nomads but from a different tribe (the Kashis?) who had conquered Rinliddi before the Dawn and, like Jenarong, adopted some of the magical customs and titles of their conquered subjects. Alternatively, it seems reasonable to assume that Kestinendos was the son or grandson of Iverneria and Emperor Kerunebbe, born after she was divorced by the drastic means of catapulting her over the city's battlements (GRoY p98). The child was presumably brought up in Rinliddi as a Rinliddan, unknown to his natural father, until he came of age, discovered his heritage, and set out to claim his father's throne <\classic myth #32>.


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