From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 09:26:18 +0000


Peter Metcalfe:
>The Vadeli kingdom is before the great darkness so working with chaos is
>not something that the Vadeli could have been doing then.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with how the Vadeli's whereabouts fit into the mythical sequence. (My assumption is that they tried to conquer the world during the lesser darkness and were defeated by the Brithini and Waertagi during the greater darkness).

>Secondly although I said the Vadeli worked with chaos, it
>doesn't mean that their lands are pits of slime or that
>they sprout chaotic features.

Certainly not. But unless Oabil was destroyed earlier, that's exactly what i thought happened there. In their eagerness to explore new things (as the Exploring Tribe) they finally went a step too far, and their actions let chaos into the world. The reason for this happening in Oabil, well, maybe it's the farthest place they'd reached. Then, once chaos was revealed, they technically stopped to be Vadeli.

Other potential destroyers could be the Storm Gods in the Artmali Period. I assume they're the red arrow who fought the Artmali Empire whereas Qualyorni fought Pamalt. (In Pamaltela, Storm and Darkness came together as winter.)

For some more gratuitous speculation, I think the sun was already gone then, and the Blue Moon loomed over the Artmali empire, before someone (likely the Storm Gods) burst it and greater darkness began. Only then did the Sky Dome tilt and let Aether's Fire Burn the Artmali. Now the Artmali seem to come to Pamaltela before the sun's being gone. Maybe they're partly responsible for this.. (The Godlearners thought the Blue Moon was, but the strongest hint seems to be Artmal's Vesper spell).


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