Rinliddi Emperors

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 14:19:12 +1300

Stephen Tempest:

>Incidentally, were the Dara Happan Emperors Kestinendos and
>Viramakradda really Bird People from Rinliddi, as their names and
>titles imply? Considering that Jenarong was meant to have driven the
>Bird People into extinction 300+ years earlier, it seems surprising to
>find them apparently ruling Peloria during the Second Century Solara

AFAIK they were Rinliddi but were forced to ride horses. The Glorantha: Intro says on p121 that when the avilry was destroyed, only the nobles could remain true to the ways of their ancestors.

If you are familiar with the Polish Husaria, the winged cavalry, then that's what Rinliddi cavalry should be like. Some piccies if you aren't familiar:



They are depicted on the cover of the GRAY with bird helmets in the upper Right Hand Side but they don't have any wings on their horses which is an error IMO.

>My own assumption is that they were also Horse Nomads but
>from a different tribe (the Kashis?) who had conquered Rinliddi before
>the Dawn and, like Jenarong, adopted some of the magical customs and
>titles of their conquered subjects.

The Kashis are horse nomads from the Kuranits tribe that migrated northwards. They got as far as the Blue Moon Plateau, took fright and moved back down again. There's no indication in the GRAY of any common ancestry between Kestimodos et al and the horse nomads and the change required would have been fairly large (they would have to drop Kargzant in favour of the All Seeing Eye for example).

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