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Simon Hibbs:
>Does Malkioni theology include a belief in an ultimate

I think that's the prophecies of the Hero Wars. 'The old world is over...' There are some similarities with RW ends of the world: old enemies return, old feuds start again, etc. However, neither the Malkioni nor any culture seem to expect the utter destruction of Glorantha: you can win the Final Battle. In 'Argrath and the Devil' (KoS), Chaos almost wins, but the Ritual of the Net is re-enacted and saves the day.

>If so, presumably Chaos is the primal agent this and therefore part
>of the cosmic plan?

IMO the Malkioni don't believe in a cosmic plan, but in cosmic laws instead, that derive from the sorcerous otherworld and that humans can use as they see fit.

The creation myth in Anaxial's Roster (p. 210) suggests that Hell (chaos, uz, etc) was created by the Fifth Action when evil people (Vadeli, false gods) began to break the Laws and do perverse things. The Fifth Action should thus have been Destruction, but elsewhere it is said that Malkion replaced it with his Sacrifice. I think the potential for Destruction was relegated to that weird seventh plane that is Hell. Sorcerers cannot manipulate it in the normal way, because otherwise they would be Destroyed. Those who do it nevertheless become krjalki.

Perhaps the Borists believe that if enough sin powers Hell, the world will be destroyed, but they're actively fighting against this. They shrive people so that they don't go to Hell, and manifest it into the mundane world instead. That's also why they don't kill the resulting chaos monsters (who would go to hell), but store them in catacombs. (When asked what they're going to do when the catacombs become too crowded, they answer they're working on it. The Chaos Monks claim they've found a solution, but most Borists think that's too horrible.)


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