From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 12:56:57 +0000

Peter Metcalfe:

>No. Firstly Gamara is not on the Wall because she doesn't come from Saird.
>The Hyalorings who did come from Saird worshipped Hippoi instead (and
>Plentonius does not bother placing her on the Wall). If the horse people
>come from Saird, why is it that the most direct migration (Vuranostum)
>worships an entirely different spirit altogether and that the
>Gamara-worshipping Jenarong have no mythical knowledge of ever having come
>from Saird?

Good point, though it implies either that Jenarong's tribe no longer worshipped Hippoi, or that they were a mix of animist and theist practices (those Kalrius and Hurfor?).

OTOH, the Hyalorings who left Saird during the Great Darkness are IMO those who changed their practices.

>>Then she can become a horse-goddess for the horse-people in Dara Happa, an
>>alternative to the Hippoi spirit cult, so that Jenarong builds temples to
>>her and so on.
>Why do we have to have Gamara coming from Saird for this to happen?

No need. It was just musings.

>>She can still be worshipped today by theist types, though she would be
>>relegated to the borders for the Dara Happans have come up with their own
>>myth since then. Cf. The Unspoken Word #1 p. 37.
>Why would the Dara Happans come up with their own myth for her since the
>GRAY represents their understanding of where Gamara came from (and is about
>as accurate as the Romans being descendents of the Trojan Aenas?).

The myth i'm alluding to is the AR p 49 myth about Yelm's horses. The Cf. was referring to the Heavenly Ride heroquest UW p 37. I'm sorry that this was extremely unclear, as i found out when rereading myself.

>The Heavenly Ride says that her quest started of by avoiding the Wild Dogs.
>Dogwood is shown in the late Vingkotling Age in TR p148 as being to the
>northwest of Kerofinela and inhabited by Votanki Hunters. From there it is
>but a short trip to Zarkos where the goat-worshippers are - the next step
>on the Heavenly Ride. So it seems far more likely to me that Gamara started
>out in Votanki land rather than Saird.

That works for me, though i don't really know what was going on in Votankiland at that time. In any case, the people who used to worship her don't seem to be the same Votanki as those who live there now.


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