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Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 12:59:52 +0000

Alex Ferguson:

>So in summary, you think their new gods/idols are their old spirits (or the
>same part of the other side "at some level"), worshipped by a (somewhat)
>different method.

Yes. I think their other side which used to be spirit, became divine when the Artmali altered the local otherworld to fit their standards of perfection. I don't know if that's possible: it's a rather drastic trick, and not necessarily necessary.

Now, 1600 years later, they've adopted many new petty gods. Mostly folk heroes who've been integrated to the local mythology and legends.

>>Thus, the core practice is the sacrifice,
>I'm curious, though, as I alluded to before, if this amounts to the
>sorts of "sacrifice of the self" to the deity characteristic of
>theism. Does it serve as an entity to be emulated, as the Heortling
>gods do? Or as the source of moral structures, as with the Dara

Perhaps an idol stands for a common goal the community is trying to fulfil? The various idols are probably like a set of social symbols.

>As described, it doesn't sound especially different from the sorts of
>"totemic" stuff that the Praxians, say, do.

It doesn't, does it..

>>I like the way you describe the relationship with the guardian
>>being, so it's noted.
>You're most kind...

I sincerely hope that didn't look 'too kind' :-) I never thought an relationship could be used to do magic.


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