Lightbringers and 7 Mothers

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 16:01:26 +0000


>as i recall, there was some speculation in the past that the
>quest the 7 Mothers completed was a version of the LightBringers

At some philosophical level, it's probably the case, because both quests involve resurrecting a major celestial body and bringing a new order to the world. The Lunars used that similarity in order to convert the Tarshites.

But the stages of the quest are probably very different. It seems the mothers had to recover the lost parts of the Red Goddess. I think each one was 'mother' of a part, and eventually brought it into the physical world through her own body and spirit. But little is known about what they actually did.

Also, the Mothers had no leader. Instead, i think each mother was the focus of the quest/ritual, in turns. Teelo Norri was first. She Who Waits was last.

>assuming this is so, who corresponds to who in each version of the

Here's a possible parallel:

Flesh Man/ Teelo Norri as the random masses. Chalana Arroy/ Deezola as the life-giver. Eurmal/ Jakaleel, both mad and inscrutable, and encompass contradictions. Orlanth/ Danfive Xaron as the penitent.
Issaries/ Yanafal Tarnils as the pathfinder, who opens the way. Lhankor Mhy/ Irripi Ontor as the wise man who sees the truth. Ginna Jar/ She Who Waits as the collective, and the final goal.

Jakaleel's contradictions are that of dark and light (trollish secrets of darkness and Blue Moon). Yanafal opens the way because he's the Ram.

The comparison stops there for me, because when you associate the mothers with their corresponding parts of the Red Goddess, you find very little correspondence with the Lightbringers.

>I was mostly wondering about Eurmal, but knowing the others
>would be interesting too. since HQs are easier with a eurmali
>involved, did the 7Mothers have a more difficult time or did
>someone fill that role adequetely?

Though she's not a trickster, I'm sure that towing Jakaleel was even worse than Eurmal.


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