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Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 18:28:30 EST

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<< Some of the other Seven analogues are: >>

I'm sure we could come up with some parodies as well, I know there are Spice Girls Mothers (eg. Scary Mother - Jakaleel) published somewhere. What about the seven dwarfs (Dopey - Danfive Xaron - Orlanth, Grumpy- Yanafal?)? the magnificent seven,

Actually the seven dwarfs are more like the Lightbringers

Dopey, Eurmal
Sneezy, Orlanth
Bashful, Ginna Jar
Doc, Chalana Arroy
Grumpy, Lhankhor Mhy
Sleepy, Ginna Jar
Cheerful? Issaries

Snow White Sleeping Ernalda
Prince Yelm, who brings life back.

Keith Nellist

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