From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 15:22:17 +1300

Jerome Blondel:

>Surely Tessele the True inherited her Truth from Orenoar, or at least
>Belintar seems strongly to identify her with what the Godlearners called

Orenoar is an Orlanthi deity not a God Learner one. Secondly I thought Tessele the True's epithet is in the sense of remaining faithful to her lost love, Vortem, rather than any adherence to an abstract notion of Truth.

>On another point, was there a solar husband in Esrolia in the Golden Age?

Angdartha (TR p90).

>Then, i did a little search and found references to a heropath of Tessele the
>True who rescued her lover from death at the hands (tentacles, or whatever)
>of chaos. I'd be interested in knowing how she did that, ...

'twas a God Learner creation intended to fuse the worship of Caladra with that of Aurelion as well as a number of other objectives.

>Finally: now Caladra has been mostly a male god since the GL's demise (at
>least for the High Temple followers). How did Belintar tame the

Through the Low Temple. I imagine there's a Low King that rules there.

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