Nysalor in Sun County

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Heikki Raappana
> In my campaign I stumbled across a following question: What
> is the reputation of Nysalor among Yelmalio cult, especially
> Sun County Yelmalions?

The new Yelmalio cult-writeup at www.issaries.com suggests they see Nysalor as a good guy, who revealed the light of Yelmalio to a certain Periades who subsequently built the Sun Dome Temples.

> My Sun County -book is not at hand at the moment, but I'm quite sure that
> there was no Nysalor shrine in Sun Dome Temple of Sun County. Belvani is
> illuminated, but he don't make too much noise about it, so that would
> indicate that illuminants are not top-rated in Sun County.

I guess they're not too happy with the Lunar version of Illumination, which in their opinion should be a Solar thing. Only in the contemplation of Yelm can you find Illumination, which involves retiring oneself in a Tower IMO.

> Does Arkat's businesses with trolls and conversion to Zorak Zorani
> have any effect on attitudes of Yelmalions? Still, even though Arkat
> turned into Zorak Zorani during his crusade against Gbaji, that
> doesn't mean that Yelmalions should then be pro-Nysalor -people?

I think that means they'd be anti-Arkat, though the cult writeup doesn't even mention him. Maybe they somewhat confuse him with the Black Eater summoned by the trolls. They seem to have many such strange views, due to their long isolation.

> Pelorians (Yelm-worshipping) were much fond of Nysalor, and still
> have warm feelings, but what does the Yelmalions of Sun County
> have in common with Yelmists of Dara Happa anyway?

Well, they are sexist, chauvinist, xenophobic and prudish Sun worshippers! But their society is different in that every man is a worker, and every man can become a lord or a priest. (this smacks of Nysalorian teachings..)

Actually, Pelorians weren't that fond of Nysalor after the Dorastor experience, until the Red Goddess showed them he was ok after all.

> Most certain is, that riddlers ("strange people asking strange questions")
> would get most hostile welcome in Sun County, but that is not an answer to
> the question. As we know, xenophobic Sun County folk are hostile or at
> suspicious towards everyone they don't know...

Furthermore, the Yelmalians think there are more important things to do than philosophy. During their history they had little time for such fuss. IMO people like Belvani are symptomatic of the quiet times of the Lunar Pax.

Jerome Blondel

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #620

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