From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 00:11:52 +1300

Terra Incognita:

>Shang Hsa = MaoTzen also came to EWF as Godunya and worked for Hemkarba in
>the name of "Jerem".

So the Kralori allege. Personally I think their idea that ShangHsa was Jerem in a previous life is their understanding of the similar motivations that drove the EWF and the New Dragons Ring.

>IIRC, In Genertela Box of Avalonhill, Five Representatives from Five
>Cities ruled Kralorela as New Dragon Ring. Shang Hsa perhaps ruled
>Kralorela with more urbanized style than other Dragon Emperors.

There's another possibility. The Five Cities could be the cities of the Quinpolic League and thus the rulers are people from Imperial Age Nolos and Pasos.

Peter Larsen:

>Are there any EWF-centric documents that
>support the claim of Godunya's involvement?

There are no EWF documents fullstop.

>RM mentions that ShangHsa had a hand in the pie, and that the EWF
>suffered for it; I find it a little hard (and disappointing to boot)
>to think that the EWF was just a puppet state of Kralorela (unknowingly,

But RM doesn't say the EWF was a puppet state of Kralorela. All it says is that ShangHsa had some benefits from intervening at the expense of the EWF leaders. There are any number of possible non-puppet state scenarios in which this could happen.

> >The Dragons didn't stab the EWF in the back, the Dragonewts did.

> OK, so what was the Dragonewt's beef?

The Inhuman King decided that his secrets weren't being used appropriately.

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