Revealed Malkioni mythologies

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 11:25:28 +1300

Terra Incognita

>1) Malkion was already killed before Great Darkness. (In older version, he
>exiled to Genertela and died in Malkonwal near Seshnela and after GD, that
>brought Cosmic Compromise or "I fought, we won")

Malkion's death was during the Great Darkness. It is the same event as the destruction of the Spike as can be seen in the Mostali version.

>3) At least in 17 C, West Reach and LE Dualists believe "Malakinus"
>is the Demon, maybe it connected to Godlearner God "Makan", that was
>replaced from older and more complicate version relation between
>"Fronalako and Malakinus" (maybe it influences to 1st Edition HQ
>"Malakinus Sect Malkoni")

They don't. The book is in error for it is a copy of some early text that Greg failed to correct. (FWIW there's other errors such as the Duck with a Human Foot RM p70, the use of "Gods" instead of "Great Spirits" in the discussion of Pamaltelan Animism RM p29 and so forth).

>4) Theistic World set from "North" to "Center" (p.2)

There's a difference between what the Malkioni call Gods and the HW nomenclature. Those that created the Great Mountain (RM p4) included entities from all four directions.

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