Re: Genert's Garden and the Forbidden Fruit.

From: Ian Thomson <>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 14:44:19 +1100

> I recently went on a green age heroquest to Genert's Garden, or at least
> a holiday to the tropical rainforest on Dominica <snip> Impressed by the wide
> variety of fruits that grew there we asked if there were any fruits that
> could not be found there, and, apparently although apple trees will
> grow, they bear no fruit. This led me to wonder whether there is some
> variety of fruit that was not found in Genert's Garden, and what the
> reaction of the native Praxians would be to it, were they to encounter
> it

Most of the fruit is either long gone and forgotten, or evolved into some hardy desert plant, or only nowat scattered oase.

Either the Praxians know of a fruit at an oasis and eat it, or they've never seen it before and regard it as foreign. I would imagine that because food is so scarce they would test any new fruit that looked like it would be regularly available just to see if it was poisonous.

Any one off appearences (as any new food might initially be) would likely be treated with wariness, but I couldn't imagine that they'd have the same response as they do with animals. After all, they are Beast Riders and not Fruit and Vegetable Riders :)

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #641

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