Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #655

From: Ian Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 12:01:06 +0000 (GMT)

>The Shaker's Temple survived because people
throughout history had better things to do than to pick a fight with the Temple.

Wintertop has magical significance, the mountain is Orlanth's mother, which IMO leads to its persistence in the world. The temple booth at the foot and the summit of Wintertop represent two aspects of a mountai. The deep roots in the earth, and reaching high into the air.

I don't know that worhsip of Maran there has been interrupted. KoS suggests that all Arim finds there is Sorana Tor (p.117). It is one of the twins, Vestenbora, who dedicates the temple to Maran (p.118). Also note thought that Sorana Tor is an incarnation of Ana Gor, so the temple needed inhabitants, despite the Dragonkill. Whether they were there all the time, or arrived before Arim, remains a mystery.

Greg's write up in UW1 of De Gavarum (dated 225) shows Maran worship there in the first age. Note also that the temple is also called Maranaba on some modern maps. Vestenbora's dedication sounds like a reopening of the temple, implying ithas fallen into disuse.

Other than that the state of the Temple post Dragonkill remains a mystery. As does its connection with Dragons, one of whose roads ends there, and who might have a say in who becomes King of Dragon Pass.

Perhaps more intriguingly Holay seems to have sacrificial kinghsip rights which are similar to those of Sorana Tor, and Queen Inkarne will be raised in the temple. I might suggest that in the Hero Wars Inkarne will incarnate Sorana Tor, and Argrath's marriage to her provides magical sovereignity over Dragon Pass and Saird - but it is fairly wild speculation.

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