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Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 01:55:05 +0900

Hello, I have some questions about Heortling Tribes: Would you let me ask you some questions about them?
  1. Hendriki
    >From Greg Stafford address:
    >(I asked to GS about Hendreik Larnsti Society and Sartar.)
    >Larnste = a "High Power" or a mystical concept that is not worshipped.
    >Nonetheless, some holy places are still know where sacrifices are made to
    >Larnste to obtain a special power form that place. But it has no cult, no
    >initiates, etc.

>The Hendrik cult is an exception. Hendrik was a special case, not an
>ordinary cult. He is special because his cult is so unique. His connections
>to the Larnste cult come from the fact Larnste's critical events occurred
>here. It is one of those "Special cases" I mentioned.

>There are AT LEAST two Void Holes in the Glorantha, Magasta's Pool and the
>Syphon River Pit. Both of them work with the same core story of the watter
>reversing its flow to "fill the void." This whos the "universal nature" of
>this story: that water seems to flow into an empty place. (He showed Large
>Map of Heortland to me, I can find literally Great Large Footprintstamp
>Syphon River...)

But what is the meaning of Hendriki? In First Age, Outlaws from Broken Council were Hendriki ("Wyrm's Footprint" p.30 Storm War), Hero Hendreik the Freeman ("Storm Tribe" Jonstown Compendium) seems to have been founder of this "outlaw tribe", And Larnsti Society....do you know how these historical change of the meaning of term "Hendriki"? I remember Hendriki is dominant tribe of "Heortland" (I don't know how 1st Age inhabitants of this area called there) in modern Glorantha.

2: Bryan
And I don't know well about the power balance of modern Heortland power balance, is Volsaxar & Bryan the one of four dominant tribes in heortland? (I know recently Bryan held only Whitewall...but why can he be called "Highking"?)

3: Heortling but not-Vingkotling
>From Storm Tribe, Jonstown Compendium #12, 310, there are some tribes
appeared which didn't mentioned in the list of Vingkotling Tribes in "Enclosure #1" If I can, at least I want to know where they lived in the age of Heort...

Jorganostelli: Jarani the Lawstaff was Jorganos..., ruined by Great Darkness? Do you know
the detail of incident? If "Upper Oslira" means modern Black Horse County area, what was their enemy aside from minions of Chaos?

Stravuli: from Jorganostelli, in Broken Council Guidebook, they lived in modern Grazer Land, why they were very important in 1st Age? (Enclosure #1)

Garanvuli: ancestor Garan, star lover of Serias, I don't know anything about this tribe, where they came from, or why they joined to the Heort's Kingdom. Is there any connection to talastarings or harandings?

Sedenorvuli: ancestor Sedenor, I don't know anything about this tribe, where they came from, or why they joined to the Heort's Kingdom.

4: Alakoring & Heortling
And I try to understand the difference of Alakorings and Heortlings in Orlanthi Society, it seems Alakorings absorbed the First Age conquerors (Talastarings?) and other area barbarians (Brolia or Bilini?), I don't know how much settings exist for the Sairdite Dragonslayer Dynasty during "Three brothers divided the World."(I posted to Harald Smith about this dynasty, but he hasn't replied it yet.) I guess Winter tribes are generally anti-EWF, and survived Summer Tribes are pro-EWF, and their difference is paralleled to the Rivalry between Chieftains and Priests:

Hero: Alakoring / Heortling

Upper Class: Kings / Priesthood
Friend: Dara Happa / Dragons
Power: Centralized / Diverted

I think Storm Voices generally try to avoid centralization, and I think about why Kodigvari only can wield the throne of Vingkotling, and why king Rastagar committed the blasphemy while Orlanth was "absent". And maybe EWF Orlanth Dragonfriend worshipper thought "Draconism is good, because it can change the mind of people without robbing their freedom, and enable to make a great Empire." In recent Greg's Article about EWF, I strengthens this point of view. Perhaps Orlanthi cannot make empire without help of Draconic Mysticism...

5: King Heort
Do you know about Companions of Heort?
Ivarne, Bevara, Andrin, Venef the Stallion, Gordangar (Warrior outlawed two times in
KODP...), Nalda Bin? I recently thoughtlessly wrote about him...

Hidden King Jardfor and Prince? Kogall were perhaps his friends, and later became his enemy...

Terra Incognita

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #658

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