Heortling tribes

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 14:08:53 +1300

Terra Incognita:

>Jorganostelli: Jarani the Lawstaff was Jorganos..., ruined by Great
>Darkness? Do you know the detail of incident? If "Upper Oslira" means
>modern Black Horse County area, what was their enemy aside from minions of

Jarani Whitehair is the son of Ragorn, the son of Jorganos Archer. The core of the tribe was destroyed in the Battle for Arrowmound Keep with the survivors swearing to serve forever as the Guardians of Justice. Those who weren't at Arrowmound Keep became the Stravuli.

>Stravuli: from Jorganostelli, in Broken Council Guidebook, they lived in
>modern Grazer Land, why they were very important in 1st Age? (Enclosure #1)

A reference to Harmast being born in the land of the Stravuli.

>Garanvuli: ancestor Garan, star lover of Serias, I don't know anything
>about this tribe, where they came from, or why they joined to the Heort's
>Kingdom. Is there any connection to talastarings or harandings?

Also known as the Gansavuli. They were among the last of the Heortling tribes to submit (after the battle of Vanntar in 397 where the Dragonewts were destroyed by Dwarf Magic). AFAIK they lived where the Troll Woods now is.

>Sedenorvuli: ancestor Sedenor, I don't know anything about this
>tribe, where they came from, or why they joined to the Heort's

AFAIK they lived north of the Shadow's Plateau. The lack of mention in Enclosure #1 (which is based on a list of Heortlings before Harmast's time) might mean they were no longer part of the Heortlings.

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