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Dearest Peter:

>> 4: Alakoring & Heortling
>> And I try to understand the difference of Alakorings and Heortlings in
>> Orlanthi Society, it seems Alakorings absorbed the First Age conquerors
>> (Talastarings?) and other area barbarians (Brolia or Bilini?), I don't
>> how much settings exist for the Sairdite Dragonslayer Dynasty during
>> "Three brothers divided the World."(I posted to Harald Smith about this
>> dynasty, but he hasn't replied it yet.) I guess Winter tribes are
>> anti-EWF, and survived Summer Tribes are pro-EWF, and their difference is
>> paralleled to the Rivalry between Chieftains and Priests:
>> Hero: Alakoring / Heortling
>> Upper Class: Kings / Priesthood
>> Friend: Dara Happa / Dragons
>> Power: Centralized / Diverted
>> I think Storm Voices generally try to avoid centralization, and I think
>> about why Kodigvari only can wield the throne of Vingkotling, and why
>> Rastagar committed the blasphemy while Orlanth was "absent". And maybe
>> Orlanth Dragonfriend worshipper thought "Draconism is good, because it
>> change the mind of people without robbing their freedom, and enable to
>> a great Empire." In recent Greg's Article about EWF, I strengthens this
>> point of view. Perhaps Orlanthi cannot make empire without help of
>> Mysticism...

> >And I don't know well about the power balance of modern Heortland power
> >, is Volsaxar & Bryan the one of four dominant tribes in heortland?
> >(I know recently Bryan held only Whitewall...but why can he be called
> >"Highking"?)
> Broyan and the Volsaxi are rebels against the Pharaonic regime.
> Broyan claims to be the High King of all the Hendreiki tribes
> but only the Volsaxi listen to him.

So, Volsaxi is a tribe under dominant Hendriki tribe which influenced Pharaohnic Rule and Aeolian Church under Andrin Rule (It seems there were many guys who called Andrin.)? I don't know well about the relationship among Aeolians and Orthodox Orlanthi of Broyan, and recent adventurers from Rokari "Seshnelans".


> The Alakorings didn't absorb anybody.  What happened is that numerous
> tribes adopted rituals and practices which Alakoring had brought from
> Lankst (an example is Orlanth Rex).  Many of those tribes became
> Alakoring tribes while many tribes of the south are still known as
> Heortlings despite using Alakoring rites.
> As an example of the complexity of the divisions, consider Tarsh.
> Normally it would be considered a Heortling nation *but* the
> current dynasty is descended from one Illaro Blacktooth who
> claimed descent from Alakoring.  So the Tarshites consider
> themselves Alakorings rather than Heortlings.
> I don't think that's the cause.  The southern Heortlings remained
> under the influence of the EWF longer because draconic influence was
> so much stronger there.  The northerners on the other hand could
> resist the EWF more easily because there were fewer dragons where
> they lived.
> >Hero: Alakoring / Heortling
> >Upper Class: Kings / Priesthood
> >Friend: Dara Happa / Dragons
> >Power: Centralized / Diverted
> Both Alakorings and pre-Alakoring Heortlings had Kings and Priests.
> What the Heortling Kings (before Alakoring) lacked was the ability to
> boss the priests around.  That is one known difference.
> - --Peter Metcalfe

If you think there were no strong political system of Alakoring dynasty during the anti-EWF era, is there no blood lineage between the hero Alakoring and Sairdite Highkings? I don't know how much Harald do their work about Alakoring, do you know more about this topic? If Ilaro's propaganda as one of Alakoring's descendant is true, maybe Verenmars was...(though he was a mixed descendant of Carmanians and Dara Happans...) I thought perhaps their assertion are weak as that of Mularik or Foyalfine as a descendant of Arkat. But I like such kind of ralationship as Jerem = ShangHsa.

Below are Harald's writing:

Mirin's Cross Sairdite Kings and EWF Dragons

(Editor's Note1: Verenmars was a son of Sarenish and one of "Three Brothers divided the World." I don't know whether he was a lineage of Alakoring Dragonbreaker or not.
(He died around 945 ST, and maybe he was Highking of Aggar and surrounded area. (Recent GS writing about EWF)))
(Editor's Note2: Vorandevu was an Emperor of Erzanestyu Dynasty after Helemshal (the Golden Age of Kastok)).
(Editor's Note3: Recently, GS revealed Domanand = Ancient Mirin's Cross was once a Stronghold of Anti
Draconic Way and Old Day Traditionalists before EWF expanding to Saird and Dara Happa. I don't know this idea is mainly from whether Greg or Harald. I also doubted about Elempur south of Nivorah...)

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