From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 14:41:58 +1300

Terra Incognita:

>Me> Broyan and the Volsaxi are rebels against the Pharaonic regime.
> > Broyan claims to be the High King of all the Hendreiki tribes
> > but only the Volsaxi listen to him.

>So, Volsaxi is a tribe under dominant Hendriki tribe which influenced
>Pharaohnic Rule and Aeolian Church under Andrin Rule (It seems there
>were many guys who called Andrin.)? I don't know well about the
>relationship among Aeolians and Orthodox Orlanthi of Broyan, and
>recent adventurers from Rokari "Seshnelans".

The Volsaxi are part of the Hendreiki tribe but reject the Pharaoh. The other Hendreiki tribes accept the Pharaoh and so Heortland has two kings.

Most of the Pharaonic Heortlanders are not Aeolians (despite what Thunder Rebels says, that's primarily abuse) but Andrini Orlanthi. Their customs are changed from their old Heortling ways but they still worship Orlanth. The Aeolians are a separate minority with similar social customs to the Andrini but their worship practices are vastly different.

When the Pharaoh was alive, Heortland was the land of Storm. For this reason, Storm Worship was preferred in Heortland rather than Aeolian sorcery. Hence although the Andrini adopted Malkioni customs, great care was taken to see that their worship wasn't subverted. Since the Aeolians were strongest in the south, the local Esvularings changed the most while the Jondalarings changed only a little and the Volsaxi not at all.

I don't believe that the Volsaxi "rebellion" (which is over a century old from what I've heard) was a period of constant fighting. I think it was more of a case of intermittent conflict with only one or two serious attempts to subdue the Volsaxi. At the time of the Pharaoh's disappearance, I like to think there was some sort of truce.

Much of the politics of Heortland currently hinges on the status of King Rikard. I've heard contradictory statements on whether he is an Aeolian or not (first he was, then he wasn't, now it seems he is).

As for Andrin, yes there are two. One is King Heort's Lawspeaker while the other is the King of Heortland that served the Pharaoh.

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