GloranthaCon VIII

Auteur: Mark Galeotti <mark_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 09:16:54 +0100

"The barbarians have fallen. Let's party!"

The sons and daughters of the Goddess gather for ceremony and celebration. Gloranthacon VIII will be held March 7-9, 2003 in Toronto, Canada. The convention will feature an impressive range of Gloranthan freeforms, adventure modules and seminars, together with select games from other roleplaying systems. Plus, an official celebration of HeroQuest!

Our Guests of Honour include the *Rad* Emperor himself, Greg Stafford, and the rumoured head of the Imperial Secret Service, the indefatigable Mark Galeotti. Supporting luminaries include Nick Brooke, Martin Laurie, Robin Laws, Stephen Martin, Sandy Petersen, Roderick Robertson and Ken Rolston.

Even barbarians are welcome under the healing rays of the Red Moon!

In support of Gloranthacon, we are producing a volume of essays, articles and Gloranthan esoterica entitled MOON RITES, where we will explore the secrets of our Great Empire and its relationship with the distant barbarian kingdoms of Heortland.

The Empire needs you. We are calling for authors and artists to contribute to Moon Rites. We are seeking material relating to the Empire and to its conflict with Sartar - descriptive articles, short scenarios, people, cults and cultures, together with supporting maps and artwork. The Goddess embraces all, so even material from the recently liberated Sartarite perspective will be welcomed.

If you would like to contribute to MOON RITES, please drop a line to the project editor, John Hughes (nysalor_at_...), with either a general expression of interest or a short description of your proposed contribution. Our closing date for final completed articles and submissions will be 31 October.

The Goddess thanks you. May you be spared the attentions of darts, wayward servants and tax demons.



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