Tentacles Newsletter Problems

Auteur: Fabian Kuechler <fabian_at_...>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 14:33:13 +0100

Hello all,

just a quick note that we had technical issues with the server of the Tentacles Newsletter. We had to switch to a new one.

Please make sure you are subscribed to it and remind your friends since we will not spam the various lists with Tentacles news anymore.

Despite that Tentacles is filling up fast with new people so make sure you sign-up fast! We also have slightly changed payment dates. Please check the site!

Sign up for the English version of the newsletter by sending an e-mail to:

tentaclesnews-int-subscribe AT darcsyde.org

Please write to fabian_at_... if you have any problems with newsletter sign-up.

Sie koennen Sich fuer den deutschsprachigen Tentacles Newsletter anmelden indem Sie eine Email senden an:

tentaclesnews-de-subscribe AT darcsyde.org

T E N T A C L E S O N Y A H O O !

Tentacles has an unofficial Yahoo! Group run by our fans. Want to share a flight to Tentacles with fellow countrymen, or chat about who's running what and who's planning to play? This is your group:



The HeroQuest, Cthulhu, Eternal Champion,
Pendragon and RuneQuest Game Fest
25th - 28th May 2007
Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany

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