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Ci-dessous la liste des prochaines publications pour Heroquest faîtes par Rick Meints de Moon Design sur la liste de diffusion HeroQuest-RPG le 24 avril 2007

Re: Status of HeroQuest Publications

Hello all,

Here's the latest news, most of which is good:

I have just gotten back from the printers "History of the Heortling Peoples". This 118 page offering is the latest in the "unfinished works" series, volume IX to be more precise. It will retail for $30 and hit the shelves in a matter of days. More on the UW series in another post I'll put up immediately after this one.

Next up is "Champions of the Reaching Moon". I am wrapping up the layout, all the art is basically in, and it will go to the printers right around the end of April. It will go on sale in May. It's 64 pages.

"Blood Over Gold", aka "Trader Princes" is well through art assignment. Simon Bray is putting on an all fronts blitz to get it all in soon, and I am stretching to have it debut at Tentacles 2007 at the end of May. It will go on sale in June. It's 128 pages.

After that, it is on to Distant Shores, Aldryami, and Heroes of Malkion. There is also at least one more unfinished work "Orlmarthingsaga" in the works, which will also debut at Tentacles.

Lastly, I've just had an update this morning on the new "rules only" HeroQuest rulebook Robin Laws is doing. He's hard at work and it's on target to be written early June for a summer 2007 release.

Sorry for being brief. Loads to do.

Hope that helps,
Rick Meints
Moon Design Publications

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