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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 21:45:42 +0200 (CEST)

Pour ceux qui ne suivent pas les ML anglo-saxonnes, qques nouvelles de Rick Meints/Moon Design :

Hello all,

I've held off responding to the requests for an update on
forthcoming products and other related news until I had a chance to
sit down and work through the list of items more completely. Here's
where things are:

Some bad news
------------ ----

In short, my (now former) printer has really hurt the debut of new
books and my ability to keep prior publications in stock. I print
all publications on demand because the numbers don't justify tying
up all of my cash into large print runs that can take a long time to
sell. Print on Demand (POD) was working just fine for me until the
RPG convention season started in early June. My formerly reliable
POD printer decided to promise books and then just keep saying "next
week" while the weeks kept rolling by.

Here we are today. Champions of the Reaching Moon and Blood Over
Gold are both waiting to get printed. History of the Heortling
Peoples, ILH2, ILH1, Middle Sea Empire, and Arcane Lore are all
almost out of stock at W23. I also haven't been able to get them
printed for the overseas market, especially Europe.

Some good news
------------ -----

All of the above books will be available for sale as PDFs at
DriveThruRPG. com as of this weekend. While a PDF is not the same as
having a paper copy in your hands, it will hopefully allow access to
the information until my paper printing is back on track.

Later this summer I will have a much better print and distribution
system in place, where I will POD in the US and also POD in Europe.
That way there won't be the extra cost and delay of printing
everything in the US and then shipping it overseas.

Thanks for bearing with me and hanging in there.

Rick Meints
Moon Design Publications

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