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From: SPB1@VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK (Ghost Dancer)
Subject: Holy Days and Adventuring
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Date: 23 Mar 93 09:14:00 GMT

Firstly I was very interested to read the notes on cult holy day
rituals, I would be very interested in seeing any others that people
may have, particularily the Yelmalio one.

The big problem I have always found with holy days is that when you
have a mixed group of say 6-8 adventurers then it can be very
restrictive to have the party trotting from village to village to try
to attend all the required holy days. The party presently on my
campaign has to split up every sacred time so that the various members
can attend the correct temples. To survive in RQ it is almost a
necesity that everyone joins a cult but this can imposse to many
restrictions on character movement.

As it stands a party of Orlanthi can more or less forget any plans to
adventure deep within the Lunar Empire, unless of course they don't
mind scutteling back to Dragon Pass every season. And what about
players who want to go to Griffin Island to adventure or Pamaltela.

Does anyone have any work round ideas for this, how was it done in
house campaigns. It may be easier when members of the party are up to
Lord or Priest level but I run a starting group who are nowhere near
such high offices yet.
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From: henkl@glorantha (Henk Langeveld - Sun Nederland)
Subject: Re: Old digests at German RQ-Con, German Zine
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Date: 23 Mar 93 12:47:37 GMT

> I'm currently writing a review of what happens/ed in the digest/Daily for our
> German RQ-Zine Free INT, and I'm planning to make some of them available at
> the German RQ-Con (at Pentecost). Are there any objections or copyright
> problems? The printouts wil be reformatted, I'll correct some typos and delete
> some of the quotes, else it will be what there is in the Digest, including
> copyright comments etc.

I haven't defined a Copyright policy on the Digest and Daily.  In
general I advise you to contact the individual author to get
permission for distribution.

I propose the following:


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