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From: (Brandon Brylawski)
Subject: Re: RuneQuest Daily, Mon, 24 May 1993, part 1
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Date: 26 May 93 13:33:25 GMT
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>How do Orlanthi cope with wandering through areas where there are large
>numbers of Lunars - do they have to challenge them as creatures of chaos as
>the cults of prax writeup implies, or what?

>How have people handled this in their own campaigns?  We are heading in to
>parts of holy country where there are lots of lunars and our group is
>unsure whether we have to avoid settlements, sneak about, or whether the
>Orlanthi rune levels etc can exercise some restraint.

I was a devout Orlanthi Initiate in Phil Davis' campaign. There it was clear 
that an Orlanthi rune lord must challenge creatures that are integrally
chaotic - Broo, walktapi, etc , but not those who may or may not traffic with 
chaos. Bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of lunars have no dealings
with chaos at all. I was even able to ride on a bat-boat, a moon-boat owned
by priests of the Crimson Bat cult. It was for the best of reasons, to ransom
a captive Orlanthi who was otherwise headed for the Dart arena, but it was
an experience I would rather not repeat. Especially seeing the oarsmen,
who looked like normal people except that they were deliriously happy, all of
the time (shudder). As long as the lunars are not crass enough to display any
chaos ties that they may have out in the open (and as far as I can tell, nobody
is that indiscreet), your Orlanthi don't have to worry about being religiously
compelled to fight. After all, chaos is dangerous; even the lunars, who employ 
it as a weapon, admit that, and they don't display it openly any more than
you might walk around with a bomb under your arm.

Brandon Brylawski


Subject: Garhound Contest
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Date: 27 May 93 11:14:16 GMT
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G'day all,

Since SUN COUNTY came out I've received a number of letters from players
describing the outcome of the GARHOUND CONTEST (Melisande's Hand).  It
got me wondering who the most common winner of the contest is:

*Promidius, the woosie Sun Domer (Count Sol's new joy-boy so rumour has it)
*Vathmar, the disgruntled Sun Domer
*Cary Squally, the local lad and favourite
*Stikklebrixx the piss-pot Storm Buller
*Mhyrrn Calmstorm,
*Jarst Daro,
*One of the Player Characters?

I'm also curious if a PC wins does he choose to settle down with the
lovely Melisande, or does he bugger off soon after the festival?