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From: (Rune Andre Isene)
Subject: Gloranthan LPMud
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Date: 24 Jul 93 12:56:49 GMT
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Hi everyone
I have this idea:
I believe most of you are familiar with or at least know what a MUD is.
I want to create a MUD based on the world of Glorantha
I have lots of previous experience as admin of various muds, and doing the
 actual coding shouldn't be any problem.
THE problem is, I have no site to run this MUD on. That is why I am posting 
 here. Does anyone have a site available?? Any sysadmins out there? or
 someone with some influence??
As soon as I fix a site I can starte create the world of Glorantha.
Imagine logging in and walk around in the world of Glorantha whenever you want!
IF i ever get the chance to do this.. It will be very true to the real Glorantha
With Cults, Runes, Heroquesting and everything!

So, if anyone has the opportunity and is interested in such a project, mail me