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From: (John Castellucci)
Subject: My Day With Greg
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Date: 8 Aug 93 02:50:50 GMT
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Got to spend yesterday with Greg Stafford and his lovely family.  We gave
him a ride to fellow RQer Steve Martin's wedding.  He is an amazing man to
talk to and he never runs out of stories -- there were a few that his wife
didn't even know.

When asked about his future projects at Chaosium, he replied
	#1  CREDO (a card game that should be out soon)
	#2  THE LUNAR BOOK (companion volume to  KOS)
	#3  HEROQUEST (not what you think -- but Glorantha related)



Subject: Non-violent adventures..
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Date: 9 Aug 93 11:53:16 GMT
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Hello from Sam Phillips,
  I just got back from holiday to see that the daily has started
to pick up again. How were your holidays, folkies?..
  Anyway, Neil Robinson asked about Non-violent adventures. Nearly ALL our
gaming sessions have been non-violent. I don't know why - it has just always
been that way. We have been known to spend an 8 hour gaming session going
shopping. That was in the salad days when we gamed a lot. 8hrs? we are
lucky to do 4hrs a monthy these days..
I have found that the best way to get new players into a game, especially
if they are interested in roleplaying is to have a mystery or puzzle to be
solved. Something lost, something found, something dead, something needed.
Anything with a definite purpose that EVERY character has a vested interest
in. The more characters that have a secret motive the better the roleplaying.
However, I would caution againsed pitting characters againsed each other
in a first adventure as this could destroy a group in the first game. Even
experienced players find it hard to distinguish between play arguments and
real arguments. A good way to put a new party together is to get temples
to send people on a mission. Or an employer. Or just turning up somewhere
where something odd is going on and the group HAS to come together.
If you don't mind a small amount of violence once or twice or at the end then
a raiding band of xxx on a small settlement or undead rising from the
burial ground each night to claim victims are always good B-film type
plots. Films are often a good source. The magnificent seven seems to be
the ploty to many scenarios. The munchrooms for one.
(ploty? -- i seem to have an overactive y!)
  Sam. Not Scotland but Sartar.


From: (Bluebeard)
Subject: Lunars
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Date: 9 Aug 93 14:35:13 GMT
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From: Paul Honigmann, Oxfordshire, UK
Date: 12-7-93
Subject: Lunars

   Like many other RQ players I've heard of the RQ Digest, but have no 
access to it. However, a friend has given me copies of a few months' worth
 of discussion, and can put this on - but if you want to comment on it,
 I probably won't see your reply for months.

 I see that Lunars are always under discussion. I thought I'd throw in some
 of my own views on the Lunar path.

 I'm talking here about full YT's, not the Seven Mothers associates (more on
 that later). They divide into two personality types -
 1) the cynical, professional soldier / mercenary. There is no one as 
 dangerous as a Lunar soldier in Dragon Pass: they don't take chances, they
 have iron discipline, they understand war isn't a game. The bright-eyed
 Orlanthi idealists believe Orlanthis are the best warriors in the world, but
 the YT's coldly and efficiently prove Soldiers beat Mobs every time.
       This type of YT is your typical career soldier. He volunteered for the
 army and intends making as much money as possible from his chosen career.
 But despite his cold-blooded attitude to enemies, he has a strict code of
 conduct because he expects his enemies to treat him the same way he treats
 them. (The YT code of honour gives way to mass crucifixions and worse when
 'dishonourable' enemies are caught. Revenge is a powerful propaganda weapon 
 in itself.)
 2) the idealist, noble or PC type to whom honour is everything. The officers
 are generally like this. In my campaigns, they tend to be played more as
 swashbuckling cavaliers, rather than regular soldiers. Some are so respected 
 as men of honour that Orlanthi rebels will take their word of safe conduct
 or cooperate with them and trust them to keep their mouths shut.
      They are the backbone of Lunar justice in the provinces. In one
 instance in our last campaign, when a particularly sly Blue Moon worshipper 
 in nominal charge of Jonstown betrayed an agreement with the locals for some 
 political end, the chief Rune Lord of YT in the town, one Velimus the Blunt, 
 gave him an immediate and final lesson in diplomacy. "He had broken our
 Emperor's guarantee," he told the inquisitor, "and treachery is a capital
 offence". The inquisitors couldn't get him on the letter of the Law.

      From the fact that it's an offshoot of Humakt, and knowing it has True
 Scimitar and one-use Sever Spirit (that latter is mentioned in the Glorantha
 boxed set, Player's Book, bottom of p.26), we can extrapolate to:
     Detect Truth, Turn Undead, Morale, Oath. As Humakt is a more powerful 
 or primal Truth / Death god, I suggest that one uses Lunar Cyclical
 Magic Effects - Dark/Dying Moon, only 1-point spells usable; Crescents-
 only 1 and 2-pointers available; Half moons - all available; Full - all
 spells available, and last double duration. Within the Glowline, of course,
 the moon is always full.
     In addition, YT priests can summon Lunes of any size, and Priests
 gain access to Resurrection (from the associate cult of Dee'zola). I don't
 think that is too powerful for a war cult, firstly because it seems 
 appropriate that YT's cult should have access to the edge that allowed him 
 to overcome Humakt. Secondly, as it's a three point spell, it only works on 
 the half or full moon.
    I'm assuming here that you play RQ2. If you're an RQ3 player, add Shield,
 Reflection, Spellteach, Command Cult Spirit, Warding, Sanctify, Divination,
 Excommunication, Worship YT, Mindlink, Implode Elf, Multispell 1/2/3.
    I don't see any overriding reason why YT should have gifts and geases. 
 Therefore, no Sense Assassin skill widely available in the Empire.
      This may not apply in RQ4 where long duration sorcery spells are less
 easy to produce. But I always figured that, just like PC's often seem to
 aquire long-duration sorcery on them, so would the Lunar soldiers. They're
 the only army in the Dragon Pass region with access to lots of sorcerers,
 and the army trains and organises these adepts etc and orders them to spend
 part of their resources keeping the army permanently boosted. A typical
 Sartarite rebel has no sorcery. A typical Lunar squaddie has two spells on
 him at all times - say, Enhance CON 10 and Damage Resistance 8 combined
 with Spell Resistance 5. Sounds too good? Remember each regiment has had
 generations of sorcerers building up gross matrices for regimental use.

     Ever thought about the Lunar (Carmanian) college of sorcery? I figure
 College special spells would be something like, Dominate Gorp / Walktapus /
 Dragonsnail. A controlled Walktapus combined with Skin of Life on a few
 soldiers is quite effective. And chaotic critters boosted by sorcery make
 good, cheap shock troops.

     The 'Foreign Legion' of the Empire, these desperadoes have nothing to
 lose and fight like madmen. Whereas YT's fight best in formation, these 
 fellows are good in close-quarter, kamikaze or street fights. They know that 
 if the sergeants even suspect they didn't fight bravely, they're dead, so
 what the hell.
     When my PC's look at an approaching regiment and say, "Oh, good, it's
 YT's" they expect a clean fight with quarter given, etc. When they see DX's
 though, they say "Oh ****! It's those mad *******s!" because DX's never
 surrender, and they butcher anyone who does. They leave a wasteland behind
 them. Their reputation alone is enough to make some flee.

     A member of 7M isn't in YT, Blue Moon or whatever of course. Those are
 associate cults. A 7M priest gets some of the magic of those cults, but not
 a full spectrum - ie, only True Scimitar from YT. Some players think they
 are in all 7 cults, but a DM should make it clear that they are distinct
 and have their own heirarchies. 7M is a hybrid cult, an easy and tempting
 Lunar cult for outsiders to enter, which serves as an introduction to other
 more specialised ones.
     If you are a priest in 7M and wish to join Irippi Ontor, you still need
 all the Irippi Ontor qualifications to be a full priest in that cult.
     Run out of time now but hope there's something useful there for you guys.


    Was it you who asked if anyone in the Oxford (UK) area wanted to go
    out for a drink sometime? Answer is yes. I'm not on Internet, but you can
    get me on 0235-553057 (work). I've been playing RQ for about 9 years,
    work in Abingdon, am a member of the RQ2 is God fan club.

        - Paul Honigmann.

* FLESH: Charlie Freckleton * JANET:             * 
* ALIAS: Bluebeard          * or   :           * 
* You may now give birth - Lieutenant Worf			      *


Subject: ToTRM 10
Message-ID: <>
Date: 9 Aug 93 08:05:24 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 1369


Has ANYONE out there actually seen Tales of the Reaching Moon #10, or further?

I've got a subscription with several issues left to it, and the last one I
have is #9.  I have seen NOTHING else from them.

Bryan Maloney