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From: (David Dunham  , via RadioMail)
Subject: Elric as simple RQ; Magic in Glorantha
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Date: 12 Aug 93 16:26:21 GMT
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>speaking of Elric! I'm curious if anyone else has given much
>thought to adapting it to Glorantha. I think by just dropping the magic
>system(I like it alot but it's not Glorantha of course) and lowering the
>skill numbers in character creation would be enough.

I too was attracted by Elric as a simpler RQ. I like the fumble rules
(nowadays when anyone rolls 98, the game stops while we look up whether or
not it's a fumble; the simple "99 or 00, if you're over 100% then 00" is
much simpler) and the fatigue rolls ("a waste of time"). And the
presentation of Elric is excellent. I haven't actually played it yet, so
I'd be interested to hear how it feels compared to RQ.

But why drop the skill values? Isn't the idea that you start with
out-of-the-ordinary people?

>Since Greg seems to be
>implying that magic isn't quite as common as RQ leads us to beleive

My interpretation of this is a little different; the original comment was:

>Magic is an area he specifically
>mentions:  1) "There is 90% less healing in Glorantha than RQ would
>lead you to believe"; 2) "Many magical effects are not instantaneous,
>unlike the current rules for Battle and Rune magics."

which doesn't mean magic is less prevalent in Glorantha. It means healing
is rarer*, and that spells may take longer to cast. This is not at all
incompatible with the idea that any farmer knows a spell or two.

* A simple way to make this happen is to adopt my PenDragon Pass rule: any
wound may receive magical healing ONLY ONCE. This has the effect of making
Heal 6 a good spell again (since it can almost always reattach limbs), and
making wounds something serious you have to spend time recovering from.

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From: (Loren J. Miller)
Subject: Re: RuneQuest Daily, Thu, 12 Aug 1993, part 1
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Date: 12 Aug 93 12:21:18 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 1379

I got three copies of this daily so far. Anybody else?

-- Loren