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From: (Tom Zunder)
Subject: Lots and Lots of Stuff
Date: 8 Sep 93 20:19:50 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 1595


I like the idea that Yelm was White in Gods Time, and was sundered into three
by Death. The Sun is the Yellow part, also Yelmalio, Annila is the Blue part
and the Red Moon is the last. Where the Red Moon was hiding we don't know but I
would guess it was blasted into a chaos hell from where the Red Goddess
retrieved it. Lunar mythology implies that the Red Goddess existed since Time
but the Seven Mothers refound her, maybe the Red Moon actually is the Red
Goddess, the female aspect is an

Thus the return of the White is the rebirth of the full Yelm Emperor.

Lunar Power

Whilst I agree that solar society underpins Lunar society, I would not presume
that the awesome power of the Red Emperor and the Red Moon can't keep a very
tight rein on the solars!


Arkat is Gbaji is Nysalor is Osentalka is Arkat is Gbaji is Nysalor is ....

{I'm told that if I say this often enough I will be Illuminated}


I think AH should write some more 48 page scenario packs for good roleplaying,
hack and slay and pick up and plug and play..

Orlanth Rex!  


From: 76360.1173@CompuServe.COM (Charlie Domino 76360,1173)
Subject: Praxian Nomads
Message-ID: <930909031909_76360.1173_FHA42-1@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 9 Sep 93 03:19:10 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 1596

Charles Domino, pitching in his 1/50 of $1 U.S.:
Greg Fried writes:
Are specific tribes ONLY to be found in certain areas, or do they only
predominate in those areas, or are the various tribes interspersed throughout
the region?  In the old Borderlands pack, the map of "The Domain" locates
Morokanth near Bilos Gap, Agimori near Weis Cut, and generic "Beast Riders"
east of Zola Fel and the river valley.  If Bison Riders, Rhino riders, etc,
each have their own domain, does anyone know where these are?  Also, it is
written (I think) that Praxians herd and ride their totemic beasts.
Obviously, there are exceptions.  BUt do Rhino riders eat rhinos?  And what
do unicorn riders herd?  Or is the distinction that ONLY the major tribes
herd AND ride the same beast?
       From the sources I have at hand (but being too lazy to consult them
closely), the answer seems to be that the various tribes are (what else?)
nomadic.  Depending on the season, one can find them in different areas of
Prax and the Wastes.  In HEROES, the defunct A/H magazine, there was a write
up on an minor tribe (Ostrich) that gave their actual migratory pattern,
which I think stuck to areas of Prax.  Old copies of WF and a later repeat
of the article in HEROES seems to indicate that the Agamori are more
sedentary and remain in a single area, and I *think* the Borderlands pack
suggested that the Morokanth there were but a single community of the whole.
I would expect them to be much more settled, and perhaps dabble in
agriculture, as they are ill-suited to nomadic travels (they ride in
panaquins instead of on animal back--takes more herd men?).  My questions in
this area are:
   1. How much of the population is in Prax, and how much in the Wastes?
KoS, Cults of Prax, and Borderlands make the Wastes sound unlivible, but the
Genertela pack said that only the Vultures Country was really rough, and the
rest was more like Prax, which was a holy area and the preferred living
place of all tribes.  There are multiple references to tribes earning the
right to live there year round (by force); other tribes being forced into the
Wastes or even into Vulture's Country.  The Bison Riders were pushed there
after the battle of Moonbroth.
2. Does the entire tribe travel together at all times, or do the clans
spread out over wide areas, interspersed with each other?  I suspect the
latter is the case, except during open warfare or when in winter camp. I
think Greg was getting at this also.
       Regarding the riding and herding of their totemic beasts:  This is a
point on which I disagree with the published lore (I think it's from WF and
Genertela).  Supposedly, the nomadic tribes do NOT eat their own beast, they
raise the herds for riding animals, milk, etc.  Their staple of meat comes
from hunting and the raiding of OTHER tribes herd animals.  I can't see
this, as it means a choice between a constant state of warfare between the
tribes, or starvation.  Granted, some food they eat is not meat, but grain,
etc. exacted as tribute from locations like Horn Gate, plus roots, berries,
etc. I *can* see them constantly raiding each other's herds for additional
meat, or more heavily during times of hardship; I just can't see other
tribes as their sole meat source.  If that were the case, social controls
would soon dissolve, and all out warfare to someone's extinction would
quickly take place.  Then population would start building back towards the
limit the area could support and the cycle would repeat.
  Malthus always gets the last laugh. --RAH
       BTW, I hope someone can get some use out of that Gyzar write-up I
did.  I'd probably do it much different now, as it predates the Land of
Ninja and Genertela.  At the very least, I'd give it a more Oriental name!
After reading the Genertela pack, I decided that they should be based in
Kralorela, but that a splinter group might have left during the usurpation
of the false Dragon Emperors and set up a small monastary in the Border
Marches between Prax and Heortland (south of the Storm Mountains), where
they operated terrace farms and generally kept to themselves, as well as
being thought of as very strange by all others.  I worry about having a large
enough genetic pool if it's only a few hundred of them though.....
Charlie Domino