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From: (Graeme A Lindsell)
Subject: Comments and Errors
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Date: 6 Oct 93 13:04:22 GMT
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This post contains a couple of small spoilers for "Dorastor: Land of 
Fun^H^H^HDoom" and "Shadows on the Borderlands". (Newton Hughes) writes:

>A couple more apparent errors in the Dorastor book:
>1)  There's a Humakti (Platewalker) listed as having the Berserk spell.

 What's wrong with that? Both GoG and the long Humakti cult write-up
in TOTRM 5 list Berserk as a cult spell, though the latter restricts its
use to favoured initiates or Swords. Have these rules been changed 

>The reviews posted here haven't done justice to the interior illustra-
>tions, especially the woodcuts, which are terrific.  I was disappointed
>in the cover art; I would much rather see good b/w art there than this
>crummy Dobyskian stuff.

 Agreed, the interior illustrations are very good. I thought the cover
was crummy too until I read it was meant to be a picture of a stained-
glass window: once you know that you can see how much effort went into
making it look like one. I'm not sure it was a wise choice for the cover,
since most people react badly on first seeing it.

>I never heard of a Real World god who drew such a distinction; usually
>their cultures consider both trading and thievery to be dishonorable

 This is why I asked if there were any Real World trading gods, trading
has usually been frowned upon by aristocratic cultures, presumably
because wealthy merchants are seen as threats to their power.

 Here are a couple of magic related errors I saw recently in Dorastor 
and SotBL:

i) The Slime Broos in Dorastor mostly have Tap Power, and those
that have are given MP = 2 x POW, the maximum you can Tap up to.
However, none of them have more than 1 Free Int, and none of them
know Duration, so accoding to the write-up of Tap, the MP's they
have in excess of their POW would only last 10 minutes, the duration
of the spell.

 Are the Slime Broos meant to keep victims around for Tapping, and then
cast 7 or 8 Tap Pow 1's before an ambush, or was it a mistake?

ii) The Lamias (or is Lamia plural?) in Shadows on the Borderlands are
all given spirit magic. Lamias, like vampires, have no characteristic
POW, and so shouldn't be able to cast spirit magic.

 If haven't seen these posted before. If they have been, my apologies.

 Graeme Lindsell a.k.a