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From: (David Cheng)
Subject: RuneQuest-Con: Big Update
Date: 19 Oct 93 04:50:11 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2042

As long promised...


Things have been chugging along quite nicely.  Allow me to update you...

The con is on!  Forget all that stuff about calling it off if we don't get
enough registrants.

We have just about 100 paid registrants at this point.  This is right about the
pace that I expected.  I'm predicting at this point that we'll get another 
25-50 attendees.

Home of the Bold is just about full.  This doesn't mean you can't try for it 
anyway!  We will do our best to squeeze in a few more people (by making new 
characters), and we'll also maintain a wait list for the inevitable no-shows.  
However, if you do sign up for HotB, please also indicate 2nd and 3rd choices 
on your reg form.

HotB Trivia:
One of our questions asks about distinguishing features you might have.  Not 
that I've even taken a real count, but it strikes me that a lot of you have red
hair.  We've a good mind to make all of you Lunars (heh, heh, heh).  Well, OK, 
maybe not...

Yes, as promised, we've got several promising new events.  

David Dunham has volunteered to run a "Pendragon Pass" event set in the 

Mike Young will be running a 25-person Call of Cthulhu live-action game, 
"Miskatonic Class Reunion."  Will probably be held Sunday afternoon.
Please note there will be an additional $6 reg fee for this game, 
to cover materials expenses.

Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg, both of White Wolf Game Studio, will be 
attending.  Look for a _Werewolf_ Telmori scenario, and a _Vampire_ Vivamort 
game from these gentlemen.

David Cheng (that's me) will probably lead a seminar on "Proselytizing 
RuneQuest".  We've got to grow the next generation of RQ players!

Tom Sullivan will be running an Elric! scenario during both Saturday 

Charles Keith-Stanley will be running a CoC scenario, "Children of
an Elder God."

Make them now!  If we book enough rooms, we will get a big ballroom for free.  
We can certainly use this extra space.  I need a better idea of how many 
room-nights we'll be good for, however.  I tried with the question on the reg 
form, but I fear it was misinterpreted.  If you haven't done so, please make 
your room reservations ASAP.  If you're not going to show, you can always 

Several people have enquired about kitchen & refrigerator access for the "Eat 
at Geo's" contest.  I have asked, and am awaiting a response.  Please note that
things do not look especially good for this right now.  We may have to bring in
appliances on our own.  I'll keep you posted.

One of our Trans-Atlantic guests, Hans van Halteren, is hoping that he can 
make more of his epic journey than just attending the con.  Are any of you 
interested in hosting him before/after the weekend?  I'm sure he would be a 
wonderfully polite guest.  And, you've got a favor to call in if you're ever 
wandering around Europe.  Please let me know if you'd be interested in hosting 
Hans for a bit (duration to be decided by you).  Or, you can contact him 

This is the surprise hit of the weekend.  I honestly expected maybe 6-8 people 
to be interested in speaking, but instead it looks like over 25 at this point. 
We might have to impose some kind of pre-event judging, or we risk the 
possibility of going until sunrise.  I would hate to have to resort to this, 
however.  I'll speak to Stafford about what he wants to do: any suggestions 
from you folks?

We need more items!  Not many of you checked off the box on the reg form 
indicating that you've got stuff you'd like to sell.  This is unfortunate.  We 
need more items to make things interesting (and lucrative for the con - we've 
got several guests to fly in...).  Outright donations of product and/or items 
will also be greatly appreciated.  I'm doing my best to round things up, but we
need more!

(Troublemaker/Esteemed guest of honour) Mike Dawson has hinted that he wants to
put together a 'ringer' team of SCA veterans, to take all comers.  I'd like to 
point out for the record that rules favoritism will not be shown to players in 
armor (i.e. it don't count for nuthin).  Other referee pronouncements will be 
handed down by Michael O'Brien, as he sees fit. 

It seems the emphasis on Tekumel events has elicited a decent response from the
EPT crowd.  Apparently they're even more starved for attention than we RQers!  
I've got several registrants who are obviously more EPT than RQ inclined.  I've
also spoken to Prof. M.A.R. Barker, in hopes of getting him to attend as a 
Guest of Honour.  He is not certain yet, but sounds optimistic.  Also hoping to
attend is David Morris, the British editor of _Tales'_ sister EPT fanzine, _The
Eye of Allseeing Wonder_.  Ed Wimble, of Theatre of the Mind Enterprises/Clash 
of Arms Games (current licensees of EPT & Tekumel) has already donated product 
for prizes, and also hopes to attend.

Ron Meischker, owner of the NJ store The Game Exchange, has ripped me off.  
Because of this, and other factors, he has been un-invited from the con.  
I spoke to Dean Norman of Conquest Games (in Somerville, NJ) tonight, and
things look good for him too take over.  Fear not - there will be a
reputable dealer present for you to throw money at!

Thats about all for now.  More news as it develops.  Sorry about the delay.
Those of you on our mailing list (either registered or otherwise) should
watch your mailboxes for more news soon (relatively soon, at least).

David Cheng
RuneQuest-Con Chair
313 East 85th Street, Apt 2C
New York, NY  10028
(212) 472-7752

The RuneQuest-Con committee also consists of:
Mark Wallace, Brandon Brylawski, David Gadbois, Paul Harmaty, and
Mark Minster.