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From: (Dave Pearton)
Subject: Slarges and Vadeli
Date: 11 Dec 93 18:49:17 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2616

Ok, I have a few questions for the Glorantha gurus out there
(particularly Sandy)

I'm thinking of sending a party from Genertela to Pamaltela 
(largely because of
the great material from Sandy- Thanks ;), but I need to know a
few things:

1)  What are Slarges?  I've heard references to them as bitter
enemies of the Dorradi, but I've never seen a description of
them, their society or their capabilities.

2) Are the elves and humans in Pamaltela all enemies?  Or are
there some societies that get along with them?

3) Getting there.  I've always wanted to know more about the
Vadeli?  Why are they universally hated?  They are atheist like
the Brithini and I seem to remember that they are also immortal
- what are the differences/similarities?

Um, that should be the start of a good few threads...:)

Dave Pearton				* ....As I was saying before I
Biochemistry Dept.			* was so rudely interrupted
University of Natal			* by one of my multiple
Pietermaritzburg			* personalities....
					*		* Naked Lunch (W.S. Burroughs)


From: (Colin Watson)
Subject: Chaos; Elementals
Message-ID: <9312121607.AA01100@condor>
Date: 12 Dec 93 16:07:25 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2617

Sandy sez:
>I still think that gorp "acid" is not the same chemical thing as true acid,
>but some other dissolving substance. 

Damn, there goes my plan of dive-bombing Slimestone with a coupla tonnes
of baking soda.  ;-)
Geoff sez:
>And Andrew Raphael's comments on it (possibly) being a chaos elemental - YES!

It's certainly an appealing idea. They have CON instead of STR, but other than
that there's a lot of similarity (and, as Sandy always says, Chaos doesn't
have to obey the RQ rules anyhow).

>So is chaos the zero'th element ?

Well, my RQII book categorises it as a Form rather than an Element; but, what
the hell, most of the universe is composed of Chaos (Glorantha is just
a blip in a sea of entropy right?) so I don't see why it shouldn't be
considered an element. In fact, it seems to me to have the properties of
an Element, a Form *and* a Power (opposed by Law). Unsurpisingly, it seems
that Chaos is hard to categorise.

How about this: Chaos is an amalgamation of all other things. A jumbled
conglomeration of every element, form & power in the universe. It destroys
by removing the structure which allows us to distinguish between
the other runic elements, forms & powers. It leaves an unidentifiable mush
which has no distinguishable properties other than its ability to corrupt.

>That brings up a point that's always bugged me - elementals.  But the RQ
>cosmology makes no provision for the elemental planes - apart from the
>elementals, they're never referenced.  I'm swimming in vast areas of ignorance
>here - any enlightenment ?

It seems to me that elementals are very much part of the mundane plane. Their
spirits are mindless but capable of forming bodies on the mundane plane in
areas where their element is prevalent. Undines congregate in deep seas
and lakes; salamanders gather in volcanoes etc. Other than that they don't
do much unless controlled by magic. Undines flow; Salamanders burn (and, I
guess, Gorps corrupt). They are not overtly agressive except by the nature
of their elemental composition and generally hostile environment.

Since they're so dumb, I guess they must wander the Spirit Plane for rather
a long time before finding a suitable Mundane place to form a body. When
their substance is destroyed, their spirits return to the spirit world.



From: (Colin Watson)
Subject: Planes
Message-ID: <9312121613.AA01189@condor>
Date: 12 Dec 93 16:13:10 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2618

Sandy sez:
>CW>Wish I knew what that "now only a shadow on the Spirit Plane" bit  
>It means that certain lucky (unlucky?) heroquesters are able to  
>encounter Nysalor/Gbaji there (the Red Goddess did, frex). 

So are the SpiritPlane & the HeroPlane/GodPlane actually the same place?
(I thought otherwise.) If not, what would heroquesters be doing on the
Spirit Plane?



From: (Carl-Johan Lundell)
Subject: Lunar PCs
Message-ID: <>
Date: 12 Dec 93 19:21:22 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2619

Hello all,

I have been running Gloranthan RQ games for several years and always had PCs
with Sartar/Prax background. Now I am planning to start up some new player
groups and thought I might try to have a group of Lunar PCs. I think some of
you guys have some experience of Lunar PCs and I would like to ask for some

Where should the group start? (Prax, Sartar, in the Empire, ?)
What would be suitable character backgrounds? (Soldiers, settlers, ?)
Scenario ideas?
Would any of the published scenario packs provide a good start?
Should the players be new to or familiar with Glorantha?
Any other advice?

I would be grateful for all advice.

Carl-Johan Lundell


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Date: 13 Dec 93 00:51:38 GMT
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Subject: Where to find _King of Sartar_?
Message-ID: <931212234305.3ac00303@D0SB15.FNAL.GOV>
Date: 12 Dec 93 17:43:05 GMT
X-RQ-ID: 2621

    Hi all,

I've been looking around the far western Chicago suburbs for a copy of
_King of Sartar_ without any luck.  All the common bookstores cannot even
find the title listed in their catalogues of books in print.  Can one of
you folk who *have* a copy tell me where I can buy one?  Even the name and 
address of the publisher would be a help...